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Santo Domingo Dominican Republic

The portal Santo Domingo Live arises from a growing demand for information about Santo Domingo (many people believe that the island is called Santo Domingo ,instead it is the name of the capital of the Dominican Republic) and due to this hunger for information we initiated this project that promises to help people who want to vacation in the Dominican Republic, work abroad, change their life and move to the island or just come to invest their savings and maybe retire.


Having said that, we will try to help you get to know the beautiful island of the Dominican Republic kissed by the sun all year round and cuddled by a warm and bright sea.

For those who have decided to change their lives and move abroad the Dominican Republic definitely lends itself to many of the requirements sought out by all foreigners in general.

Change your life and move to Santo Domingo – Dominican Republic

 move to Dominican RepublicFor those who think they would like to live in the Dominican Republic we have created a section where you will find video interviews of many people who have lived here a long time .You will be able to discover some of the positive and negative aspects of life in the Dominican Republic.

In the interviews we discuss the problems you may encounter in everyday life and you will find many tips on how to avoid committing mistakes that people who are not familiar with the country and its culture commonly make.

You will also find videos of Dominicans talking about their day to day life In the Dominican Republic and you will have a better understanding of a culture which is so very different from ours.

For those who have decided to move to the Dominican Republic we can give you plenty of useful advice and assistance for the first transition period here on the island.

Travel and holidays in Santo Domingo

For those who want a different vacation from the classic resort we have created a section with vacation packages to Las Terrenas, in the beautiful Samana Peninsula  where you will be able to discover  the real Caribbean .(in total safety).

You can choose to take a nice vacation in a resort (Punta Cana, Bavaro, BayaHybe) in total relaxation with an all-inclusive or opt for a different kind of vacation where you will be able to get to know the place while moving around freely and with no safety issues.

With this second option, you will have the opportunity to get to know the Dominican Republic and the Dominicans, a very playful and friendly people who will do anything to help you enjoy a wonderful holiday.

Before you come on vacation and until you get to know the Dominican Republic a bit we have created a wonderful section with videos of different places and interviews with Dominicans who talk about their country, the tourists, and many other things while offering all kinds of advice for those who want to take a vacation or move to the island.

Real estate and investment banks in Santo Domingo

investment Dominican RepublicInvesting in the Dominican Republic.  In the portal you will find the section on investments that can be made in the Dominican Republic, land, villas, apartments or houses and business in the most beautiful places on the island. You will also find a section with video tutorials on how to behave and what to look in to before making any business deal in the Dominican Republic.

Buying a home abroad can be complicated for those unfamiliar with the laws of the place, we try to help the visitor have greater security and greater knowledge in order to properly make a purchase.

Besides the real estate you will also find the section dedicated to those who want to invest in banks by tying up their money in banks in the Dominican Republic while making a very high interest in their invested capital.