Well yes that’s right, in the Dominican Republic you can do very good investment banking. Banks here offer interest rates of all due respect according to the capital and the lock-in period.

Banking Investment  in the Dominican Republic

As mentioned, in the Dominican Republic ,if you have the money you can invest in risk-free  interest rates that reach a maximum of 16% with capital tied up to 7 years.

This type of investment banking is recommended for those people who have the desire to change their lives and have savings or property to sell in Italy (eg a house), because with the earnings of this investment you will live a more than decent life here in the Dominican Republic.

In order to make it more clear we will give you a few practical examples with numbers at hand.

Suppose I have the desire to change my life (I’ve already done it, seriously), I have no savings, but I have the fortune of having an inheritance from my grandmother, a nice apartment worth 200 000 euro, you know what it means to bind them for 7 years?

That I am recognized an annual interest rate of 16% ,and payment of accrued interest every six months, so , 12% of 200 000 euro is 24 000 euro divided by 12 months is 2000 euro per month (rounded down), I think with this amount,, here in the Dominican Republic you can live very well, like a rich person ,I can promise you that ,I live with much less.

Obviously, the bank investment  that I’m talking about must be made in local currency, ie ,the Dominican Pesos and for this reason that it’s convinient to leave the 4-5 % of the principal accrued annually so that it re-capitalizes with the capital invested. This is to bridge the currency depreciation and inflation in the cost of living. Of course this must be done anyway, but with a smaller percentage.

For those who do not want such a binding commitment ,can choose a bank investment that is less binding and tie their capital to 30,60,and 90 days. By doing so, you will be entitled to a minimum interest rate of 2.5% and will receive the interest each month with the options of recapitalizing it or getting out.



Time constraint Capital to invest Interests
1 Month 1 to 5 million pesos 2,50%
1 Year 1 to 5 million pesos 3,60%
3 Year 1 to 5 million pesos 5,00%
7 Year 1 to 5 million pesos 6,50%


Money tied with Banco Popular, despite the time constraint is always available if you feel the need before the expiration of the bond you will pay a small penalty and accrued interest will be available each month, credited to the account, by check or left with the capital for recapitalization.



Time constraint Capital to invest Interests
1 Year From 1 million pesos and up 6,50%
3 Year From 1 million pesos and up 9,00%
7 Year From 1 million pesos and up 11,75%


The Central Bank is the bank with the greatest benefits in terms of interest on money tied, but You Should Know That if you constrain the money for one year for example, you can’t withdraw before maturity and interest accrued are paid every 6 months  on the account or for recapitalization.

The investment is in Dominican Pesos, the interest rates are applied only to investments in local currency.

1 million Pesos is roughly equivalent to 20 000 euro, this figure varies  According to the daily exchange rate and also the above mentioned interest rates fluctuate every day, remember they are only indicative, to be sure 100% you must go in the bank the day you want to make the investment.