We will try to introduce ourselves in a matter of fact way, we are two friends who have now lived here for a long time. We are Cattalani Andrea and Giuseppe Casablanca, a story that began in 2009. I (Andrea) had already been living here for about a year and a half when I was looking for people to work with on a new web project ,  by chance Giuseppe contacted me on skype and as we started to talk we realized immediately that there was a great sense of trust. We started our collaboration and believe it or not after only 5 months we were working together successfully on our first internet project.

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Andrea’s story

andreaIT all started because I was getting really tired of Italy, I worked in Telecom and led a pretty quiet life but I realized that with my salary I would never be able to really do very much. The end of the month would come around and I had done nothing. I was not happy with my life, and was surrounded by people who were always angry and sad ,not to mention the traffic in Rome ,it would really make me lose my patience.

Once it was clear to me that things would not change I decided! One fine day I went to work and asked if I could have the resignation form, my friends and family thought I was crazy!

They tried to convince me not to take such a big step but I was really tired of a life with no way out, work, traffic, sleep, eat, I felt like a robot, and I could no longer continue like that so I quit without giving it a second thought.

Once I was free from this bondage I thought I should go on a trip to relax and get rid of some accumulated stress but already felt the desire to change my life. Looking on the internet I found some  short stories about the Dominican Republic and decided to go check it out. I left Rome and came to the Dominican Republic, the precise destination was Las Terrenas, well, when I arrived the overwhelming feeling of freedom and joy was so strong that today I am writing this page from this beautiful town, after 4 months of travel and only 1 month vacation in Las Terrenas  I came to live here permanently .

What  bewitched me?

Surely the natural beauty of the sea, the flowers and smiling people, but also the simplicity of life that exists here, this made me realize so many things and I was so fascinated that it gave me the desire to settle down here.


How I feel after nearly 5 years of life in Dominican Republic?

No ,I have never regretted the choice I made! Not one day of my life I felt a sense of repentance, even in difficult times, because there have been many.

For the moment I go to Italy on vacation, it is my country and I will always love it but just for vacation. Now my roots are here, I have a beautiful child with a Dominican girl named Kenya and I am really proud and satisfied of the life I lead here.


Giuseppe’s story


My friend and partner Andrea already introduced me , by chance we met on the internet because I was looking for a job opportunity to earn some money online and as fate would have it, we met, we got to know each other, and from there our project started.

Now it’s been almost a 4 year collaboration and this project is starting on the wonderful island that hosts us, the Dominican Republic.

That said, perhaps because Italy is a country that wasn’t working for me , I traveled a bit through Europe a year here and a year there and eventually got tired of the situation in Italy ( due to the crisis)  so, I came to see my partner in the Dominican Republic and decided to stay.

What made you do it?

Basically everyone has priorities, wishes and dreams. I don’t like confusion and chaos very much, I enjoy the quiet and more calm pace which I in fact found here in Las Terrenas where I live..

I’m also not very pretentious , and in order to live here that’s a good thing because life is very simple .It’s like 40 years ago in Italy, you can’t find many things ,but things that are not a priority for me ,for example there is no movie theater but, who cares!!!

Another thing I found that I like so much here is how happy people are, they are always smiling, even when they may not have good reasons, because they live with very little money but this is the point , they live life in a different way ,more carefree and day to day. Oh, and I forgot to tell you they don’t even know what stress is. …………

Here I live truly freely, in every sense, with no false stereotypes (as we have in Italy),  I no longer use shoes here, you’ve got it right, I’m always in slippers, shorts and T-shirts, of course, also because the weather allows it and no one judges you for how you’re  dressed .


Would you do it again?

Absolutely, after 2 years of life on the island I’m more and more convinced I made the right choice. The only downside is that my family is far away, other than that it’s been a very positive experience, I’ve gained in health and human relations, they are more real and sincere.

And then when I want to take a break from work for a moment I go out, walk 50 meters sit in a bar in front of the ocean and have a cuba libre while chatting with friends.

Oh, I forgot, the girls here are really beautiful, if you listen to the interview with Miguel you will discover why.