The Dominican Republic still offers a very wide range of choices to invest in different job sectors, since many services here are lacking or deficient.

Many Italians who decided to move and live in the Dominican Republic make the mistake of immediately starting a business without first knowing the territory where they are going to invest, not only ,but they also get confused with costs for example ,renting a commercial space for 400 euro a month and thinking it’s cheap when in fact it’s not because wages here are much lower than in Italy and finally  they realize that it wasn’t cheap after all.
If you want  to make an investment in an activity you can start a new one (according to your skills and needs of the place), or buy one that’s

already started, for example, if you want to buy a restaurant, pizzeria or  bar there are already several opportunities of existing activities , but remember to be very careful, not to trust anyone (Dominican and Italian), rely on qualified people like a lawyer.

The main types of companies present in the Dominican Republic

Below are the types of companies that can be opened in the Dominican Republic:

According to Article 3 of Law 479-08 amended the law 31-11 the following types of companies are recognized :

  • The collective name company
  • The limited partnership
  • The company limited by shares
  • The company with limited liability
  • The corporation
  • The simplified joint stock company
  • The partnership of sole proprietorship

Company on behalf of the collective

The company on behalf of the collective is a company where all members are declared merchants and respond in a controlled manner to social obligations and one or more members are obliged to pay their respective contributions.

Company limited by shares

The company limited by shares is composed of one or more members who are part of the company with the quality of merchants and will answer to debts of the partnership equally, then there are members who are shareholders and must bear the loss based on the amount made .

The capital will be divided into shares, the number of members can not be less than three.

Limited Liability Company

The limited liability company is formed by two or more people by giving the company a corporate name, all members will make a sum of money but are not personally liable and the loss is limited to the amount made.

Anonymous company

The corporation is formed between 2 or more people through a name and consists only of members where the liability is limited to the amount made.

The capital will be represented by securities called actions and must be subscribed and paid prior to their issuance.

Anonymous simplified company (SAS)

The simplified joint stock company consists of 2 or more people who will be responsible for the relevant amount made.

Name will be added to the acronym SAS (simplified limited company).

In order to choose the following types of corporations ,the social statutes must show specific subjection to these rules.

Sole corporation and limited liability

This type of sole corporation with limited liability is underwritten by a fisical person and is an entity of which a person is endowed with legal capacity to be the holder of the rights and obligations which form an independent and separate property of the assets of the individual company.endowed with legal capacity of a person to be the holder of the rights and obligations which form an independent and separate property of the assets of the individual owner of the company .?

It will be possible to realize all classes of civile and commercial operations , performance services, industrial and commercial activities.

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