Sosua is a tourist destination especially for the “do it yourself ”type of tourist, due to the fact that there are no all- inclusive resorts .There are many on-site residences and hotels, it is a quiet town by day and has a very lively nightlife. There are many local places where you can drink and dance until late at night to the sound of bachata, merengue, salsa and regetton.

When my partner and I learned about this news, with the excuse of having to do it for our business, we planed our trip to the north-west of the island and headed out on a guagua.

Discovering the city of Sosua

There are no words to describe the trip in guagua, to really understand you must experience it yourself. After 4 hours we were in Sosua and we immediately went looking for a hotel. In 5 minutes time we were already in our room, took a hot shower and were back on the streets of the town looking for a place to rent a scooter. Even this took no longer then 10 minutes and we found it for 10 euro a day (approx.500 pesos).

The main beach in Sosua

The scenery is beautiful ,on one side you have the sea and the beach with all the sun chairs, on the other side all the different shops with souvenirs, fishing equipment, bars and restaurants.

sosua beachIn this part of Sosua  the situation is very surreal (at least in our opinion), as the Dominicans who work here all try to make you sit in their bar, eat in their restaurant or buy from their shops. We must say though, that it is done in a very nice way without being too intrusive.

All this is accompanied by the continuous sound of various kinds of music. Every place has its own and therefore you will see people working and dancing to the sound of music and you too will get involved in this fun pace just like we did.

Obviously ,after a while we stop at a local Dominican place to eat and drink, after eating a burger and having a beer we continue our tour and  got  to know an Italian guy who has lived here for a few months and opened a small restaurant–bar on the beach.

restaurant sosuaSince we have some acquaintances in Sosua, we contacted them so they could recommend a good restaurant where we could eat. Our friend took us to a small Italian restaurant called” the Red Elephant”, we ordered a breaded baked mero with salad and fries that was really delicious .

We then returned to the hotel to take a nice refreshing shower and rest a bit, after the very eventful day.

We went back out in the late afternoon for a stroll and to meet our friend for a drink and a chat, after which we all went to have dinner in a pizzeria where there is an Italian who sings live .The pizza is baked in a wood oven and is really good along with good music and a very pleasant environment.

Nightlife in Sosua

nigthlife sosuaAfter a long dinner (we were talking a lot between sips of wine and chupitos) our friend “guide “took us out to get to know the Sosua nightlife. Its full of places where you drink a lot , get to know people ,(girls) and places to dance. We finally went to a club to dance .Andrea and I got a bit loose , we are salsa dancers ….ah,ah,ah,…. Just kiding.

This ultimately ends our adventure in Sosua, oh I forgot to tell you that in this part of the island there are mostly tourists from the United States  and north Europe (Germans, Dutch).,there are  few Italians, and for this reason  many Dominicans speak English and you will also find some  prices in U.S. dollars.