In this section we will try to inform visitors on how the health care system works here. We can definitely say that the level of healthcare can’t be compared to the European although ,there are clinics in Santo Domingo and Santiago that are truly cutting edge with very good equipment.

The healthcare system in the Dominican Republic works like in North America, if you want to be treated in a private clinic you must have medical insurance or pay in cash . Otherwise, your only other choice is to go to the public hospitals which due to the level of poverty is not recommended.

In the touristic towns you will always find clinics open 24 hours a day and we can say that for the rapid-and not very serious things they are well equipped, you can find clinics in Las Terrenas, Boca Chica, Sosua, Cabarete and many other tourist destinations

The cost of private clinics in case you don’t have health insurance

Here is a price list for those going to a clinic without health insurance

A simple visit costs 700 pesos (14 euros)

An ultrasound costs 800 pesos (16 euros)

One night’s hospital stay could cost up to 200 euro including a variety of medications that are administered by intravenous drip.

An x ray costs 700 pesos (about 14 euros)

A stool test costs 250 pesos (about EUR 5)

A complete blood test costs about 2000 pesos (40 euro), , triglycerides, cholesterol, blood count.

An echocardiogram with a specialized doctor also costs up to 100euro

Since we have lived here there have been a few cases of people who have entered the clinic in really bad shape and unfortunately the cost of an operation here is very high for example, a French gentleman who went to the clinic with a heart attack was transferred from Las Terrenas to Santo Domingo in an ambulance and it cost him 1000 euro and then the operation was 40.000 euro.

Another case of a person who went to the clinic after a motorcycle accident and had to have surgery on his head cost him around 30.000 euro.

Our advice is always to take out health insurance so that, in the event of a serious accident you will not have to pay these enormous sums.

How much does health insurance cost

There are many agencies that offer health care, we recommend the Humano, the better known and more widely accepted in all the clinics in the Dominican Republic.

The insurance prices naturally change based on many factors, age, medical condition, and many other things, however, so you understand what we’re talking about , we offer some practical examples:

A 33 year old man in good health should pay about 1500 to 2000 pesos (30 – 40 euro) per month for health insurance with Humano

Medicines in Dominican Republic

From our point of view the way they sell medicine here is smarter than in other countries. Here you can buy as many pills as you need, you don’t have to buy the whole box .

Regarding the type of medicine , you will find mostly all of the same active ingredients but with different names, there are antibiotics, aspirin, anti-inflamatories, and painkillers, in short, you will find mostly anything and much cheaper . Also, here you will hardly need a doctors prescription to buy the medicine .