In this page we will talk about the crime situation  in the Dominican Republic, which according to us exists and is increasing given the crisis that we now have all over the world but it is not the same throughout the island.

See below in detail the security situation in the various towns.

Santo Domingo: surely as any big city it is more dangerous , the crime is very high, so it is advisable to go around with experienced guides and not go to neighborhoods that you do not know. If you want to walk around you can do that in the central area called( zona colonial) the Colonial Zone where you will find many shops.

To be safe, and if you do go to other areas ,do not go after 18:00 pm, it starts to become really dangerous.

Sosua: certainly much less dangerous  then the capital, a town where there are  many tourists and a lot of police control, you can go around during the day and at night but always being careful who you are with and who is accompanying you.

Las Terrenas: crime here is very low and it is not dangerous to go around day or night.

Cabarete, one of the safest places in the country, many tourists and a lot of control, there have been no major cases of violence or crime, apart from some sporadic cases.

Puerto Plata: it’s a bit bigger than the other small towns so definitely pay attention, especially from the evening onwards, it is advisable to go around with a car or scooter.

Santiago: surely being the second city of the Dominican Republic you must be very careful , like in Santo Domingo  crime is high here.

Crime in the Dominican Republic

There are many people who write on the internet that there is a lot of crime in the Dominican Republic. We would like to know the specific cases and we will take this opportunity to clarify that we, like many others who have lived here a long time ,have never had any problems with delinquency in general.

As we’ve lived here for a few years, we can tell you that most of the people who have had problems with theft were usually in some way connected to the people that robed them. Let us explain a bit better, if you go with a different girl every day and you’ve known her only for a few hours, it’s normal that when you bring her home you shouldn’t show her your safe and all your valuables because ,if after a few weeks your house is robed ,well, there you have it, you are also partly responsible.

We are talking about a country where people earn barely enough to survive so, I advise  you to always use a bit of common sense.

Then like anywhere in the world there will always be sporadic cases of delinquency.

They don’t value life here the same way we do so ,we always suggest that you don’t find yourself in an unpleasant situation which  sometimes can happen. Dominicans will not think twice about using weapons or anything else against you, so before you react at all always stop and think carefully.