Cabarete is located 30 kilometers from Puerto Plata and 15 km from Sosua, it’s a strip of beach about 3 km long full of bars and restaurants.

We wake up early, and from Sosua, Giuseppe and I take our rented scooter and go to Cabarete. It took us about 15-20 minutes with our battered bike. Cabarete is all of one single street.

In fact, it is all happening on the one beach ,this is where you will find  all the clubs, bars and restaurants and therefore all the tourists.

But the main feature of Cabarete is surfing, yes, when you arrive on the beach you can see on the horizon hundreds of surfers , the sea and wind here are always ideal for surfing even if the water is not crystal clear.

For this reason, Cabarete holds the world championship of kite surf every year.

In short, it is all concentrated on this one beach, you will find many bars and discos at night, and  many American tourists.

cabareteIn these photos you will see the small streets that lead to the beach from the main road, they are very narrow and full of small shops for tourists.

Excursions and things to do in Cabarete

From Cabarete you can take many trips to the neighboring towns, like Jarabacoa which is located on the Pico Duarte.

In addition to trips outside the city , in  Cabarete you can do every sport imaginable, you can surf, kite surf, you can rent mountain bikes ,go  horseback riding, scuba diving, you can take motorcross lessons and even play golf near Cabarete.

Hotels and resorts in Cabarete

Also, regarding  hotels and sleeping accommodations in general, you will find many solutions, from simple hotels to the all inclusive resorts , prices vary depending on what you choose.

Surely we can say that Cabarete is an ideal place to spend your holidays but not necessarily to live on a permanent basis. Talking with Giuseppe we reflected on the quality of life as a resident here .and came to realize that probably, after some time we would get really tired of a life that takes place entirely in those 8-10 km of beach.

Services in Cabarete

Surely there are services for people who come here on vacation, for example ,there is a new clinic open 24 hours a day  on the road between Cabarete and Sosua.

On the main road you will find colmadi and  supermarkets ,gas stations, travel agencies and real estate agencies for those who decide to invest in a home or business in this area.

Giuseppe and I realized, while walking around the beach and sipping a cold beer, that Cabarete is really full of fun things to do. Many sports, great fun night life and surely a unique place to spend your vacation to the sound of bachata, and merenghe while enjoying the beach.