For transportation in the Dominican Republic, we mean local transportation (inside the island). Mostly buses that connect the various cities and towns. Recently, in the last few months, we have seen more and more European-style coaches with air conditioning and TV for long-haul routes otherwise  transportation is usually a small bus (guagua).

Transportation by bus

Here below we will list the various bus companies you can find in the Dominican Republic.

Caribe Tours provides transportation from Santo Domingo to all destinations of the island (Puerto Plata, Santiago, Sosua, Las Terrenas, Smanà, etc.) except the south-east, prices can go up to $ 10 (400 pesos approx).

El Canario has a connecting service between Puerto Plata and the city of Samana, and goes through Nagua and Sanchez, (cheap).

Expreso Santo Domingo-Bavaro, in fact connects the capital to the town of Bavaro going through the city of La Romana (cheap).

Metro connects the capital to Puerto Plata with stops in eight cities in the intermediate route (cheap).

Terra Bus is a company that provides service from Santo Domingo to the capital of Haiti (Port-au-Prince).

These above listed are all the first class companies, a part from these there are the guaguas which are minivans or minibuses that carry up to 25-30 people and provide links throughout the island. They are cheaper but they also make many stops to pick up and drop off passengers as well as provide a mailing service therefore parcels, sometimes small, sometimes big.

Cars and motorcycles for rent

For those not wishing to travel by public transport you can rent a car or a motorcycle for long distances and for shorter ones a scooter or quad. You must leave your passport as a deposit and they except only credit card for payment. To rent a car prices range from 50 to 100 $ approx.

Transport by ship

In the Dominican Republic you can go by ship from Samana to Sabana del Mar which is just across the bay and it saves  about 4-5 hours had you gone by land. They only allow passengers, bicycles and motorcycles on board.

Air Travel

Regarding  air travel, we will send you back to our section dedicated to airports in the Dominican Republic.

Urban transportation moto concho

You may not know this type of transportation and it is a curious one. It’s a motorcycle taxi service which you will find on every corner of the Dominican Republic almost 24 hours a day and its pretty cheap, the cost is approx. 50 euro cents per trip and it doubles at night.

Tip: If you like adventure, the best way to get around in the Dominican Republic is undoubtedly the motorcycle. There are beautiful wild beaches for example that you would not be able to reach by car, in fact sometimes to get there you must go through bushes or down small dirt roads and only by foot or motor bikes it would be possible.