On this page you will find the various possibilities we offer our visitors, at this time only Las Terrenas is available. Soon we will be able to provide other places, for example, Sosua.

Here in Las Terrenas  we offer various packages designed specifically with our clients comfort and economical situation in mind. We tried to create a range of packets from the cheapest to the slightly more expensive.

The holidays we offer our customers are different from the classic all-inclusive resort, here, precisely  in Las Terrenas you will enjoy a vacation in the heart of a typical Dominican town.

This will give you the possibility to get to know their culture, their way of living, their habits and together with the Dominicans enjoy a very unique holiday.

For availability please send an email with the following data:

  •      The number of people
  •      The lenght of stay
  •      Room type of your choice
  •      Any special requests

IMPORTANT: We want to remind our potential customers that the travel packages we offer  include our assistance on the spot because, especially  in the beginning , you may need to know various things like,  the nearest pharmacy or clinic , recommended  restaurant or bar, and so on. Not only that, but during your stay we are at your full disposal to help solve any problem and for anything you may need.