In the Dominican Republic there are great possibilities to make profitable investments, as it is still a poor country, development in the coming years will be faster and more profitable even for foreign investors.

Investment in the Dominican Republic

A very important thing  that foreign investors should do before investing anywhere is to get to know the place well, because things do not work here as they do  in Europe or America or anywhere else for that matter.

Basically, foreign investors who plan to invest in the Dominican Republic are of two types, the first are entrepreneurs who want to invest in developing countries to get a high-percentage ,short term return on investment ., However, the second type are people who plan to change their lives and wish to move to a country where starting a small business or making small investments can enable them to lead a nice quiet life.

Here in the Dominican Republic there are very many opportunities . You will find many foreign investors who are investing in the country for their personal gain of course, but consequently, they are participating in the improvement of the Dominican Republic.

Types of investments

Many (foeigners)Italians have, and continue to invest in the country by building shopping centers, residences and hotels, since the tourism sector is really the driving force on the island, also due to its enviable climate (for those who love the hot sun).

But of course, there are also small investors, who may want to invest their savings here and move to the Dominican Republic to try and create a better life.

This reality is very present on the island and in fact is on the rise, more and more foreigners everyday  decide to drop everything and with their life savings start a new chapter in life.

We have several examples of Italians(foreigners) who have decided to take this step, all age groups, from 30 to 50 year olds putting everything at stake and implementing their business ideas to live on the island, since they don’t have substantial capital to live off of.

The most popular activities (needless to say) are restaurants and bars, but others have offered their knowledge in other areas such as plumber, electrician, carpenter, technician and even raising pigs and making subsequent Italian sausages, etc.

Investments, what not to do.

Although, there is another side of the coin, that is, there are many Italians and Europeans who come here full of themselves and with the presumption of knowing it all .Well, these people are the first to fail and go home (Italy) that’s because they believe they are superior and think that they can spend their days in the sun in the company of beautiful women, doing very little work and still make money.

Obviously, this attitude does not work.  Anywhere in the world in order to build something you must put effort, perseverance and elbow grease, and only this way you can make a successful investment. Keeping in mind that although the Dominicans are cool cheerful people they also have their flaws but those who are willing to work and keep their commitments make it all happen .

Another very important point to keep in mind, for those who decide to invest in the Dominican Republic, is to choose carefully who you trust to start your business with. Untrustworthy people exist everywhere and it can happen to anyone to invest 50 thousand euro and find yourself with nothing to show for it.