When to go to the Dominican Republic?


Frankly, I can tell you that the best time to come to the Dominican Republic is all year round, because, at any time of year you will find a warm climate, of course there are some who have a little fear in the hurricane season and rightly so but ,the important thing is to find shelter in houses of reinforced concrete and not wooden shacks.

As far as weather goes, the best time to come is February through April when the weather is always warm ,the sun is always shining and there is no rain. Oh, and if you are in the peninsula of Samana you will see whales that  are in that area to give birth to their calves in the month of March.

For those who want to avoid the hurricane season you must not come between August and October, this is the season of hurricanes and possibly tropical storms.

A time of year that fascinates all Italians and Europeans is certainly Christmas, it’s true ,spending Christmas  in the Dominican Republic is very different, you can opt for Christmas dinner on the beach or at home and after which go for a swim and then dry in the beautiful sun shine. Depending on which side of the island you’re on you could have some rainy days. I just want to clarify that when I say rain, it is not synonymous of cold absolutely not, despite the rain the weather is always warm and pleasant.