In this section we will talk about the general character of the Dominican people and their customs and habits. After living here for many years we have learned a bit about their habits and became familiar with their behavior.

In order to understand and explain the Dominican people you would need to write a whole book. We will try to share a few of our personal stories and anecdotes in order to give you a general idea of who they are. What you will find on this page is purely our own simple opinion based on facts and events that we have experienced . We do not want to offend anyone, we are not judging anyone, we are just giving our own personal opinion.

The DominicansDominicans are very simple and humble but at the same time they are very clever and have a completely different view on life than we do.

We will try to explain it better, the Dominicans live mostly hand to mouth, they do not think about tomorrow. If they have food today, tomorrow is another day. This may be difficult for us to understand, especially because we tend to organize our lives and think about tomorrow. They don’t live that way and most people can’t in fact because they live hand to mouth.

More than once we have worked with Dominicans and got to see how they think. For example, if you offer a job with a development project in the future for an indefinite time or a fixed –term job for 3 months but better paid, they will definitely choose the better paid job even if it’s just for 3 months. Most prefer to be paid every day and not at the end of the month, or at least every 2 weeks.

Its amazing how they are able to live with so little. A Dominican who lives with less than 160 euro a month is surely admirable.

How does the Dominican behave with foreigners

The first reaction a Dominican has with a foreigner is to get some money out of them. Yes, it’s true, this is their first thought, but once you get to know them you will realize that they are also very kind and have big hearts. Once they get to know you, you can stay assured that they will do anything to help you and if you need them they will always be available for you in any situation, certainly more than any Italian would ever be.

The Dominican girls

As you may know, girls here can be very clever and they live a very different life style from Europeans, always trying to figure out how to survive on a daily basis. Those who have had the opportunity to pay for college and study have a much better chance of getting a good job. On the other hand, the girls who were not so lucky usually end up being prostitutes .

There are many girls who unfortunately have to choose this path in order to survive but I want to point out something very important. It is very different from Italy where the pimps are known to be abusive to these girls. Here, the Dominicans are all very protective of the girls who engage in this lifestyle.

If a foreigner lives with a Dominican girl

On this subject we could write a book with all the experiences we had. We will give you basic tips.

When you decide to live with a Dominican girl you must be aware of the fact that she will see you as her personal bank. I’m not saying this to scare people, but most of the time it’s like that. In time she will certainly become endearing to you and show you gratitude but be careful because if you should decide to ever leave her things can get very sketchy.

The girls here can be very violent in contrast to our culture, we have experienced moments of terror  because women here are protected by law and they sometimes will take advantage of this. The Dominican girl can get to the point of injuring herself in order to get you in trouble with the law or take a knife and threaten to kill herself or other nasty things of this sort, and I assure you it can be very scary.

In fact, it is not unusual to see two girls fighting in the streets at night with bottlenecks or knives. They can be much more wild then European girls.

Dominicans and Labor

I must say, after all these years here, Dominicans don’t really like to work hard, in fact , if they could just hang out all day and not work they would love that, maybe because of the weather or perhaps because they are just  somewhat lazy.

In fact, most of the underpaid jobs are assigned to the Haitians ,the people of Haiti ,the bordering state that is part of the island and the poorest country in the world. The Haitians are happy to carry heavy bricks on their back all day for 5-6 euro a day .The same happens in Europe with the foreigners there even if the wages are much higher.

Videos of girls in Sosua Dominican

In this next video, we interviewed Dominican girls who were on holiday in Sosua, very nice ,they gave us a brief interview where we discussed the current situation of the Dominican Republic, the labor problem and the sharp drop in tourism.