The Dominican Republic is a( state)country in the Caribbean, bordering Haiti, these two (states) countries form the island of Hispaniola, which is located in the center of the Caribbean Sea. Puerto Rico is on its right and on the left is the island of Cuba.

Useful information in the Dominican Republic

The language spoken is Spanish.

The currency used is the Dominican peso, exchange against the euro is approximately 50 pesos for 1 euro (depending on the exchange rates)

To transfer money you will find both Western Union and Money Gram, the Visa credit cards can be used to withdraw money from ATMs, the post pay per withdrawal fee is 5 euro, the maximum daily withdrawal is 10 thousand pesos which is about  200 euro.

The Dominican Republic ,also  known as Santo Domingo,which is infact the capital of the  Dominican Republic, is the land of smiles and the Bachata, Latin music also  known in our country.

A place where you can enjoy beautiful beaches and really spellbound places

In the Dominican Republic there are no dangerous or poisonous animals there is only one poisonous spider which here is  called cacatha ,it is a very large and poisonous spider but fortunately does not like to live in residential areas, it prefers the tranquility of the forests and places where there is little population.

Another danger is the dengue mosquito, a type of mosquito that transmits the dengue disease but there are no vaccines for this and fortunately it is a mosquito that lives only where there is stagnant or unclean water.

The cities best known of the Dominican Republic

The capital is Santo Domingo and it is located in the south of the island.

La Romana is another town where there is also an international airport.

In the peninsula of Samana you will find both Samana town and Las Terrenas.The first is also a province.  Las Terrenas  is known for its tourism and for the many residents who live here all year round. You will find Italians, French, and  German but also , Russians and Americans.

In the center of the Dominican Republic you will find a town called Santiago, the second city of the Dominican Republic, in Santiago, there are many factories and commercial activities  .

Jarabacoa ,near Santiago is a small town on the mountain Pico Duarte,  with its 3140 meters it’s the highest mountain in the Caribbean, a beautiful place with almost surreal landscapes of plants and pine trees which are very rare here in the Caribbean.

Puerto Plata is situated in the northern part of the island , there is also an international airport .The town is pretty big and it thrives on tourism, it also produces goods that are consumed here on the island. Not far from Puerto Plata are Cabarete and Sosua , two small towns that live only on  tourism.

Cabarete is a very famous place because the world kite surfing championships are held there.

The roads in the Dominican Republic

The main highway that goes from Santo Domingo to Samana was completed only a few years ago.

In 2012  also another highway was completed in the Samana Peninsula, The Boulevard, very close to the road  that runs between Nagua and Samana, a beautiful scenic highway that goes directly to Las Terrenas.

Unfortunately, there are still roads with many potholes and in very poor conditions.

The beaches in the Dominican Republic

In the Dominican Republic you will find beautiful beaches , surely the Samana Peninsula is one of those where you can admire one of the 7 most beautiful beaches in the world , we’re talking about Playa Rincon.

You will find many beaches also in Punta Cana and Bayahibe , although now ,along the coast there are only resorts.

Also in the vicinity of Las Terrenas there are 2 beautiful and still untouched beaches, playa Coson ,and playa Bonita .

Flora and fauna of the Dominican Republic

Animals in the Dominican Republic are iguanas ,found in the North West, also, you can see  hummingbirds and many species of tropical fish. Sharks and whales are usually seen in the month of February near the coast of Samana during  the breeding season.

In  regards to the flora you will find many medicinal plants such as aloe, there are over 300 types of orchids, many types of actual PAME and pines, mangroves and many other plants , there are at least 8000 different plant species.