In this section, dedicated to those who want to relocate to the Dominican Republic, you will find video tutorials and information on how to live on this beautiful island in the Caribbean.

We will try here to give you the main information on how to start a new life in the Caribbean. For those who want to change their lives and come live in the Dominican Republic ,you must have a clear idea on what you want in order  to take this step , which is certainly not easy.

Suffice to say that an average salary here in the Dominican Republic is no more than 200 euro per month and for more important jobs you can earn up to 500 euro.

The well-paid jobs in the Dominican Republic

After living here for almost 5 years, we can say that we have met people who live and work as employees earning good salaries but these are mostly professional cooks and chefs. If you manage a residence for example you can also earn around 1000$ per month.

Starting a business in the Dominican Republic

For those who are planning to start a business in the Dominican Republic, (in our humble opinion)you should not do things in a hurry ,you must take your time , perhaps take a vacation first and spend some time learning and understanding a bit of the country and its culture. Unfortunately given the global crisis many people come here with the idea of opening a bar or restaurant, and there are too many already with always less tourists ,so, think about it before you come to invest your money in one of these activities.

If you want to take a trip you can take advantage of the packages we offer in the travel and leisure section.

Retiring in the Dominican Republic

We decided to write this section because this niche of people can really live well here in the Caribbean. With your retirement you can live a higher standard of life here than in Europe.  We offer services specifically designed for retirees who want to move to the Dominican Republic.

In the section regarding transfers you will find all the information needed especially for those retiring with less than 1000 euro a month .

Places suitable for those who have decided to live in this earthly paradise

Not all the places in the Dominican Republic are suitable to live on a permanent basis. We will try to guide you and inform you on the services you may or may not find in the different places on the island.

Las Terrenas: please read the section dedicated to this town, certainly one of the most suitable for living in tranquility.

Sosua: always look at the section and our opinions on the site.

Santo Domingo, a very large and chaotic city but surely with much better job opportunities.

How do we make a living here in the Dominican Republic?

Thanks to the work we do with internet, but we’re not just talking about this site, we have a network of web sites that allow us to live here.

We started this site because we think that this might be a good way to create a good monthly income to live in the Caribbean.

Internet allows you to work anywhere in the world, you only need internet access and do not need large capital to start ,also, in a moment of crisis like this it is surely to be considered a good alternative.