In this section we will see the cost of living here in the Dominican Republic, we will try to compare and  look at the differences in each location.

Surely here we spend less in comparison to the prices we now have in Europe or the USA, but, this can’t be generalized to all, there are things that are more expensive here so, we will see in detail what it costs to live here decently.

The prices to buy houses villas and apartments

For those planning on buying  a house ,you will certainly want to know the average price of a home in the Dominican Republic, we will try to give you some indications, because here, like anywhere else ,  it depends on where you buy the house. In the same town you can find disproportionate differences based on the neighborhood itself.

For the moment we will consider the two most touristic towns:

Houses and land in Las Terrenas

In Las Terrenas prices are quite high, it’s easy to find houses for sale at European prices. If you want to buy beachfront in the center of Las Terrenas you will pay no less than 100 to 120 thousand dollars for a 1 bedroom ,living room, and bathroom ,for a 60-70 square meter house more or less.

There are still neighborhoods where homes are more economical and prices range from 50 thousand to 70 thousand dollars for the same size mentioned above.

It’s the same if you want to buy land , the price of beachfront  land in the center of La Terrenas will vary from a minimum of 150 to 250 dollars per square meter.

You can find cheaper land outside the center of Las Terrenas, with prices ranging from 25 to 50 dollars per square meter.

Houses and land in Sosua

Prices are lower in Sosua and compared to Las Terrenas,  you can buy the same type of house or land for about 20 to 30 % less. There are excellent opportunities for those who want to buy in Sosua.

Prices of rental homes, apartments and villas

Also regarding rentals, things change depending on the type of home and its location see the examples in Las Terrenas.

Houses for rent in Las Terrenas

During this time of crisis you can find long term rentals of a simple beachfront house with living room, kitchenette, and bathroom for about 320-360 euro a month.

If you go further away from the sea you will find lower prices. You can easily find a very basic house, but in good shape, with living room and bathroom for about 200-240 euro a month .

For a bigger size house , you can find better deals in the pueblo of Las Terrenas. You can find a 2 or 3 bedroom houses for less than 400 euro a month. If you want a beautiful seafront villa with 3 or 4 bedrooms , you can end up paying even more than 1200-1500 euro a month.

Sosua rentals

As far as rents go , Sosua is perhaps a little bit more expensive than Las Terrenas if not the same. If you want to rent a decent house you will not spend less than 300 euro a month.

The cost of everyday life in Las Terrenas

When it comes down to it, Las Terrenas is one of the most expensive towns in the Dominican Republic, in any other town you will find the prices of all produce at least 30% cheaper.

Anyway let’s see prices:

Rice, (staple food of the Dominicans) costs 18 to 25 pesos (0.36 to 0.50 euro) per pound, depending on the type and quantity that you buy.

An egg costs from 3 to 5 pesos (0.06 – 0.10 euro)

The cost of meat

Beef  costs from 90 pesos (calf) to 140 pesos (1.80 to 2.80 euro) for a filet  the price is per pound
Chicken costs between 35- 50 pesos a pound (0.70 – 1 euro)
Pork costs from 80 to 110 pesos for the tenderloin (1.60 -2.20 euro)

A bottle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil costs about 300 pesos and up, so it’s about 6 euro for one liter of olive oil  .

While the price for frying oil is very affordable considering the large consumption in the Dominican cuisine and the fact that it’s produced here .

A gallon of soy oil (1 gallon = 3.7 liters) costs about 180 pesos (3.60 euro)

The cost of vegetables in Dominican Republic

The cost of vegetables varies a lot depending on where in the Dominican Republic. In Las Terrenas prices are surely much higher than in other places.
Some examples

Nasturtium salad 20 pesos a piece, usually about a pound each.

Potatoes are about 20 pesos (0.40 euros) per pound

Tomatoes about 30 pesos (0.60 euros) per pound

Italian products in Las Terrenas

Here there are also many Italian products, there is a shop called Punto Italia where you can find all Italian delicacies  but of course at a much higher price. I would say that they are increased by a good 30 to 40 % compared to Italian prices. It’s still very nice to eat a good piece of gorgonzola in the Carribean or a slice of ham or a good dry sausage with a glass of red wine.

The cost of food in Sosua

The prices here are much lower than in Las Terrenas, about 20 to 30 % lower. Of course not for all products ,in fact we found no difference for extra virgin olive oil which remains expensive on the whole island.

Decorating a home in the Dominican Republic

Surely here you can decorate a home with very little money, of course ,we are not talking about quality products, if you want  quality the prices are the same as in Europe.

Just the other day I asked for an estimate to furnish a house.

I was given the following prices:
Double bed with mattress, two bedside tables, one table 1.80 m with 4 chairs, a closet with two cabinet doors, a stove, 22-inch television, bathroom furniture , refrigerator with freezer, all for around 1300 euro.
About a year ago Ikea opened in Santo Domingo ,here you can find European style furniture.

Cars and scooters

Certainly the prices are much lower in the Dominican Republic. You can buy a scooter for about 800 euro and a good second hand SUV or jeep for about 500 thousand pesos which is more or less 10 thousand euro.

The 4-wheel drive cars here are powerful. Because the cost of gas is cheaper ,you can find a 4 wheel drive  with gas engine and 4000 cylinder.

The cost of fuel in the Dominican Republic

As for gasoline, the price of the green is 213 pesos per gallon which is roughly equivalent to 1.12 euro per liter

The cost of diesel is about 195 pesos or 1.03 euro per liter (prices taken on 05/14/2012)

The LPG gas cylinders used for cooking and water heating systems will cost about 103 pesos per gallon or 0.54 euro per liter.

The cost of insurance for cars and scooters

The insurance for a scooter has a basic cost of about 800 pesos or 16 euro per year.

For a car, of course the price changes according to the type, but for just your basic coverage the cost is about 100 euro per year, he, he, just like in Italy right?

The cost of electricity

The electricity in some cities of the Dominican Republic is very expensive .In Santo Domingo (the capital) it’s cheaper (state run) but it’s not guaranteed all day. If you want electricity all day you have to pay for a private company and the cost is about 0.30 euro per kw.

As for Las Terrenas, there is electricity 24 hours a day but it’s very expensive, consider that the cost is 0.38 euro per kw.

The cost of public transport

Public transport is very cheap ,if you use the buses and go from Santo Domingo to Las Terrenas the fare is 6 euro per person. If you go from Santo Domingo to Santiago the fare is the same ,6 euro per person.

If you take  the motoconcho, which is a motor taxi ,and is used for small distances within a town, it costs 0.50 euro during the day and 1 euro at night.
Other miscellaneous costs

If you go to a Dominican hair salon a haircut for a man will cost about 3 euro. For a woman, if you get color and styling it will cost between 1200-1500 pesos, or 24-30 euro.

Going out to eat here definitely does not cost the same as in Italy, you can eat  Dominican comida  ,a typical  dish of rice, beans and meat, which are very abundant and nutritious for about 2.5 euro.