To make a good real estate investment in the Dominican Republic you need to be familiar with the place (like anywhere else in the world), this means that you must rely on honest people who want to help you  because otherwise ,I assure you, you will be fooled.

Property investment in the Dominican Republic, our recommendations

That said, it is important to understand whether the property investment is  intended for your holidays only,(maybe 2 times a year) or if you want to rent it in the months you don’t use it for a return on your investment.

This distinction is a must, because if you intend to just use it yourself you can buy even further from the beach at a lower price, no doubt. If, on the other hand your intention is to rent it, I suggest you buy beach front or at least very close otherwise it will be much more difficult to rent.

This is valid whether you buy a house in a residence or a villa big or small. Considering that those who come to the Dominican Republic on vacation spend 70% of their time on the beach and want their house to be as close as possible.

Same goes for the land, it all depends on what you want to do. There is a lot of land for sale here, and the prices vary depending on the position and location.

You can also make more economically important types of investment ,in fact it is possible to build malls, apartments, villas and tourist services in general.

There have been many Italians who have invested in real estate here on the island and others continue to do so with new projects, because the industry is growing, demand is soaring and the return on investment  is good.


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