The climate in the Dominican Republic is Wonderful!!

I am aware that this may not be a good enough answer so I will try to explain in more detail the climate of the Dominican Republic which is not suitable for those who do not love heat.

The climate in the Dominican Republic (Santo Domingo)

The Dominican Republic does not have four seasons like most European countries, basically there are only two and they are summer and autumn or spring. There is no winter here, the coldest months are December through February and temperatures can reach a minimum of 20-22 degrees, so as you can see there is no cold weather here.

The climate on the island is subject to sudden changes, since we are talking about a tropical climate and it can happen quickly, while you are maybe lying on the beach and sunbathing all of a sudden there may be a downpour for a few minutes and then, promptly, the sun will come back.

There are obviously some months in the year that are more wet then others . The months to avoid are August through November which is also considered the hurricane season and there can be rapid changes in the weather and strong winds.

The climate also varies depending on the location , for example, the capital Santo Domingo is perhaps the hottest city on the island together with La Romana, as they are in the south and south-east . If you go  north, northeast and northwest, the climate is less hot and more rainy, the wettest part of the island is the peninsula of Samana (Las Terrenas, Samana,  Sanchez) and it  also has the most luxuriant vegetation all year round (the area where we are).